How to promote new Domain Controler using Power Shell in Windows 2012

Powershell provide us 3 cmdlets to promote new domain conroller in AD:

  • Install-ADDSDomainController – Creates a new domain controller in an existing domain
  • Install-ADDSDomain – Creates a new domain in an existing forest
  • Install-ADDSForest – Creates a new forest


As prerequisites we need to install windows features (roles) into our Windows 2012 R2 server core installation:

After login as local administrator type powershell to run powershell environment. Now we want to install server role (feature) that is responsible for Active Directory domain controler. Let’s type:
Get-WindowsFeature –Name *Domain*  List of avaliable cmdlets with Domain in name

To install new feature we type:
Install-WindowsFeature -Name AD-Domain-Services

Installation Domain Controller Feature Verify if Exit code is Success

Then We should test if we meet prerequirements to create new Forrest


We will be asked to provide new Forrest name (DomainName) – in my case it is, then we will be asked for Safe Mode Administrator Password in my case it is: **********install-addsforrest

In my case netwrok configuration was missing. To get more knowledge how to configure network interfaces using powershell see my article:
How to assign IP address to network interface using powershell

Ok, if everything is fine, we can proceed to Promote our AD Controller (Forest)


After that new forest is completed, after reboot you can login to new domain forrest!


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