How to assign IP address to network interface using powershell

How to assign IP address to network interface using powershell.

First we need to load powershell module responsible for managing Network Adapters:

Import-Module NetAdapter

Then we need to list all avaliable Ethernet adapters:

Get-NetAdapter -Name Ethernet

then we will assign our Ethernet adapters into powershell variable.

$netadapters = Get-NetAdapter -Name Ethernet

in this varialbe we store collection of Network Adapters, if we have more then one we need to get exactly one that we are intersted in:

$myNetAdapter = $netadapters[0]

This grab first(0) network card and assign it to $mynetadapter. if you would like to select another one just put any valid number in [] ex. $netadapters[1] for 2nd card.
Now $myNetAdapter is holding out network card.

First we need to diable DHCP:

$myNetAdapter | Set-NetIPInterface -DHCP Disabled

Then Configure the IP address and default gateway.

$myNetAdapter | New-NetIPAddress -AddressFamily IPv4 -IPAddress -PrefixLength 8 -Type Unicast -DefaultGateway

Finally we need to setup out DNSes:

Set-DnsClientServerAddress -InterfaceAlias Ethernet -ServerAddresses

Assigning IP address using powershell
assign ip powershell

Very often we would not like to have all ethernet interface named “Ethernet” to change it allias (for later use) we type:

$myNetAdapter.InterfaceAlias = "Internal Network"

This “renamed” out Ethernet interfaceto to Internal Network

I hope that this was useful for you, if yes, leave me comment!

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